The Duluth Police Department wants to make sure you're prepared for many different situations that may arise--and has numerous informative packets and resources that are available to the public and no charge. From preventing cyber bullying and vacating an apartment, to legal rights for seniors and internet classified crimes, find the information you need.

On subjects such as:

Moving into an Apartment – Guided toward students who are renting an apartment for the first time. It is designed to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

Vacating Your Apartment – Guided towards students who are ending “vacating” their apartment at the end of the year.

Door-To-Door Sales and Telemarketers That Target Seniors – Gives senior citizens advise when it comes to unsolicited door-to-door contacts and telemarketers.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living – Informative information on how to research find the right place for your loved ones.

Seniors Guide to Fighting Fraud – A guide that will inform you about common scams aimed at seniors

Internet Classified Crimes – Provides information on internet scams and their intent to defraud buyers and sellers.

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft – How to prevent identity theft and what to do if it happens to you.

Fake Check Scams – Information on how scams work.

Protect Personal Information – Information on protecting your personal information online.

Prevent Cyber Bullying and Online Harassment – statistics, trends, and protection of bullying online.

Friends and Family: Beware of Imposter Scams – Information on how imposters gain your trust and act as family members to scam money.

Crime on Wheels – How to protect your car, bicycle, motorcycle and other vehicles from theft.

Be on the Safe Side – Suggestions for personal protection

Commercial Security - Information on burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and employee theft.

Burglar Alarms: Do you need one? – Information on burglar alarms.

What to do Before the Burglar Comes – Tips on how to secure your residence.

Theft from Vehicles - An auto owners guide to prevention. (Vehicle Prowls)

Outsmarting Crime – Covers identity theft, burglary, personal security and more.

Rural Crime – Information on securing cabins, farming equipment and more.

The Manufactured Home Parks Handbook

Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities

Seniors Legal Rights

It is important to document and store your serial numbers in a safe place. Serial numbers are one way for police to track your property if it is stolen and to prove ownership. The Duluth Police Department would also like to take it a step further. We have available for public use Carbide Marking Pens (to write on metal), Black Light Pens (to mark property in an undetectable way), and Operation I.D. stickers and bags.

If you would like any of the following resources please contact your district Community Officer. If you are unsure of whom your Community Officer is please visit this link.