There is a free food giveaway taking place today in Proctor which began at 10am this morning. The City of Proctor and Teamsters Local 346 have partnered with the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation to give away 30 pound boxes of food. They're hoping to get the word out, as they have an entire truck load of food to give away.

The drive through pickup of the boxes of food is taking place today, March 16, 2021 at St. Lukes Sports and Event Center at 704 Kirkus Street in Proctor, Minnesota.

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Google Maps

There are no requirements or restrictions for people to receive a box of food. Everyone is eligible for the food drop and can show up and receive a 30 pound box while supplies last. I was notified by city officials in Proctor to help spread the word as they have a lot of food to giveaway, and they want to also stress that anyone can receive the food. They did open just a bit early and in the photo you can see large crates full of food being loaded into cars.

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The Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation has been doing food drops across the state. Just this last week they have done multiple food drops in the Saint Paul area and other cities including Milaca.

To those unfamliliar with the location, The St. Luke's Event & Hockey Arena opened just in 2018 in Proctor. It is home to the Proctor Boys & Girls Hockey teams and is located on Kirkus street just south of downtown Proctor.

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