Back in December the staff and elves were very busy bringing a special look to the mansion with all their beautiful Christmas Decorations.  But as we all know Governor Walz imposed an order for all museums, theaters, restaurants and bars to close until this coming Monday when they are allowed to reopen with restrictions. So, the staff at Glensheen have decided to celebrate the Christmas Holiday in January.

Glensheen will reopen for indoor and outdoor tour operations on Saturday, January 16, 2021. All of the holiday decorations are still up and the magic of the Christmas season will continue. They are calling it 'The Never Ending Christmas" as homage to the whimsical movie Never Ending Story. With being closed for this many weeks at a time the Glensheen cleaning staff have been able to meticulously clean and disinfect every nook and cranny of the mansion giving it an even more magical glow.

Plus with the extended Holiday Celebration they have added even more fun for your tour. Even more mischievous little elves have made their way into the mansion, 50 in all and they are hiding in even trickier places than before. Older kids might have better luck finding them all and of course the Master Elf Hunter will be able to claim their prize at the end of the tour. The General Admission tour is best for this experience.

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Personally I am so happy for all the staff at Glensheen that they will be able to show off all their hard work and beautiful decorations this year. Of all the times of the year that I have been lucky enough to tour the mansion, I must say Christmas at Glensheen is truly magical. To monitor capacity in the building all ticket sales will be done onsite. For more information please go to their website.

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