If you have ever taken a tour of Glensheen, now is the time to turn back the clock and literally fly through the mansion back in it's heyday when the Congdon family was living there. Drone pilot Jay Christenson used his amazing skills again as he did a one shot tour as he buzzed through the mansion as it would have looked back in 1908.

Christenson gained some attention from Hollywood with his one shot footage previously through Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis. Some of the staff at Glensheen and students from UMD dressed up in attire that was common back then, and gives the viewer a quick glimpse into the day and life of the Congdon family.

Some quick facts about Glensheen that you may not know is that the main house's 39 rooms cover 27,000 feet of living space. Which of course when you tour the home you    truly don't realize how massive it is. The estate, which was originally 22 acres, still includes a pier and boathouse on Lake Superior, as well as Tischer Creek, a stone arch bridge crossing the creek, and Bent Brook.

Glensheen has many events going on year round, but definitely revs things up in the summer to take advantage of the beautiful shoreline. Just this week they started opening a breakfast bar, and it's popular 'Concerts On The Pier' returns July 7. People from all over come out on their boats, kayaks, rafts or bike, walk or take a car to sit on the shoreline and enjoy some great live music.

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