Near the end of April all four sides of Wade Bowl Park's warming shack were covered in graffiti. The park sign also had "Catch Me If You Can" spray painted on it.

The community came together and had a painting event on Saturday May 11th  to clean up the park. The very next morning it was covered in graffiti again.


Nearby streets have graffiti painted on them, like this below.

graffiti 3

The shack was painted again, and just 2 days later it had been vandalized.

graffiti 2

Residents are frustrated with the lack of progress on catching these vandals. The police has mentioned they are doing extra patrols, but regardless the crime is still taking place at a specific target with a high rate of frequency.

What kind of security measures could be taken to help protect this park? It's a beautiful space in the city, and it's a shame that some bad apples are ruining it for the surrounding area. People have been asking on Facebook why there hasn't been security cameras and better lighting installed?

Crime also continues at this park. Police responded to an altercation on Tuesday evening that ended with a male teenager being taken away in the back of a squad car. It goes deeper than vandalism at this park. A drug arrest was made recently that was in the news. I know also neighborhood kids who have been approached by teenagers selling drugs.

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