Grimmway Farms has issued a voluntary recall of some of their carrot products, sold under the Bunny Luv, Cal-Organic, O Organics, and Grimmway Farms labels.  The concern is contamination of salmonella.  The retail product-style for these brands are so-called "baby" carrots and shredded carrots.

No medical issues have been reported with the carrots at this point; according to details released by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the voluntary recall was "initiated as a result of a routine, internal company test".  In a letter posted on the company website, Grimmway Farms President and CEO Jeff Huckaby shared :

"In the course of our ongoing and thorough quality control and food safety efforts, Grimmway Farms has identified a potential health risk (Salmonella) associated with select lots of baby carrots, as well as shredded carrots and chunk carrots that were sold as ingredients to food service distributors and food manufacturers. When this issue was identified, we promptly initiated a recall of all potentially affected products that had left our facility in California; thankfully, no illnesses have been linked to those products. However, that does not negate the seriousness with which we take this situation.

The health of you and your family, and the integrity of our products, is always at the forefront of our decisions, which is why we voluntarily initiated a recall of all carrot products that may have been affected. A full list can be found below this message, along with details on product return and safety protocols.

Please know that we are diligently working with the regulatory authorities, including the FDA, to resolve this issue.

We value your trust and confidence in our products and service, and continue to work every day to earn and honor your patronage."

Here's a quick look at which carrot products from Grimmway Farms are included in the recall efforts:

  • Bunny Luv - organic cut and peeled baby carrots:  1 pound bag, UPC #0 3338390205 0 - Best If Used By Date:  "Aug 17 21" and "Aug 20 21"
  • Bunny Luv - organic premium petite carrots: 3 pound bag, UPC #0 7878351301 7 - Best If Used By Date: "Aug 15 21"
  • Cal-Organic - organic baby carrots:  12 ounce bag, UPC #0 7878390810 3 - Best If Used By Date:  "Aug 15 21"
  • Grimmway Farms - shredded carrots: 10 ounce bag, UPC #0 7878350610 1 - Best If Used By Date: "Aug 09 21"
  • O Organics - organic peeled baby-cut carrots: 1 pound bag, UPC #0 7989340850 7 - Best If Used By Date: "Aug 15 21"
  • Cal-Organic - organic baby rainbow carrots: 12 ounce bag, UPC #0 7989398152 8 - Best If Used By Date: "Aug 13 21" and "Aug 14 21"

All of the above listed products have a 9-character lot code that begins with 195, 196, or 197 and ending in BF or SP printed on the bag.  "For example:  1952023BF".


In addition to the retail carrot brands and products specifically listed in the recall information, Grimmway Farms has also alerted food manufacturers and food service distributors.  A variety of Grimmway Farms carrot product was sold as shredded or chopped/chunk carrots to the food service industry.  According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, "[a]ll affected food manufacturers, food service distributors, and retail customers have been notified with much of the product having been recaptured before being available for consumption."

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General retail consumers who believe that they have some of the affected carrot products involved in the recall in their possession should not consume them. Any questions should be directed at the Grimmway Foods Customer Services Help Desk at 1-800-301-3101.  Additional information can be found on the Grimmway Foods website.

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