Even if you haven't been outside today, it's pretty easy to see (or hear) it has been super windy. Forecasted wind gusts around 40 mph and dry, warm air have actually prompted the National Weather Service to post red flag warnings for much of the area. That said, how windy has it been today so far?

The National Weather Service is reporting wind gusts between 40 and 60 mph around the region, with one measurement even higher than that. The Blatnik Bridge recorded a gust at 71 mph at 1:41 pm today. Here are a few of the readings from around the areas as of the time of this post:

  • Blatnik Bridge - 71 mph
  • Knife River - 50 mph
  • Duluth Airport - 49 mph
  • Sky Harbor Airport (Park Point) - 47 mph
  • Cloquet - 45 mph
  • 1 mile SSE of Duluth - 45 mph
  • Superior Airport - 44 mph
  • Two Harbors - 41 mph

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