The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection plans to treat 14 western Wisconsin counties for gypsy moths including Douglas County starting in Mid May. Residents in those counties can expect to see loud low flying yellow planes spraying the treatments in western Wisconsin where this non native pests are already beginning to build in population. Depending on the weather spraying will start as early as 5am and continue until late mornings or early afternoon.

Christopher Foelker, DATCP gypsy moth program manager, said in a news release reported by The Superior Telegram: 

The aerial treatments the department will be conducting are the most efficient and effective method to delay the impacts associated with gypsy moth outbreaks. Where this insect is well-established, it has been a periodic public nuisance and damaging forestry pest.

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These Gypsy moths can cause a lot of damage to trees where they can end up dying from being ravaged by these pests causing homeowners some major expenses to remove dead trees and possibly replace them.  The spraying will begin as the caterpillars begin to hatch. Some health issues to humans from these caterpillars are caused by them shedding their bristly skin multiple times during the season can possibly effect the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

Thankfully the chemical being sprayed is not toxic to people, pets, bees or other animals, but if you suffer from severe allergies you may want to stay inside during spraying. In late June and mid July planes will be using an organic spray that will disrupt the ability for male gypsy moths to find females. As you can see in the video above a whole entire tree has been stripped of it's leaves, showing just how destructive these fuzzy caterpillars can be.

Residents should have already received a post card regarding the spraying with contact information. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection  (DATCP) cannot tell you exactly what days they will be spraying in your area, because they time spraying according to when gypsy moth caterpillars hatch and when weather conditions are right. For more information or questions click here.

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