You see a lot of weird and interesting stuff on Google Earth and Google Street View. Things like weird shapes or symbols, or even a passenger jet that appeared to be at the bottom of a Minnesota Lake are among them. While some of those images are creepy or raise questions, this is just cool.

Just west of Sandstone (a little over an hour's drive south of Duluth) is a piece of property that has some interesting tree arrangements. Most notable of which is the shape of Minnesota, just off the shore of Thirteen Lake. Next to this mini forest shaped like the North Star State is an "N" and a star, which one might guess is a reference to the state's nickname. The "Minnesota Forest" is roughly 200 feet wide by 300 feet long, and appears to consist of trees of a reasonable age, judging by the shadow cast on the ground.

If you look on the Northwestern part of the property, you'll see other maze-like arrangements of trees as well. Clearly the owners of this property had some fun back in the day, and we thank them for this fun little gem! Be sure to check out the close-up by clicking on the photo above and flipping to the other image in the gallery.

While this is certainly cool, it isn't the only one in Minnesota. Another even bigger "Minnesota Forest" exists in the northwestern part of the state. Located just south of Faunce (or about 20 miles southwest of Baudette) is this ode to the Land of 10,000 lakes. This forest is nearly 1/4 mile long, measuring roughly 800 feet wide by 1,300 feet long. Surrounded by field space, with no visible homes nearby, which makes you wonder who did this.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Turns out this particular "Minnesota Forest" is on state forestry land, managed by the DNR. According to CityPages, This area was actually logged off in the shape of Minnesota. More impressive is that it was done without the use of GPS. Maps and compasses were all that was used according to someone that worked as a forester in the region and knew about the project.

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