The day Portland Malt Shoppe closes for the season is always a sad one! It means summer is officially over, winter is near and that we have to wait a long time until we can drink one of their delicious malts once again.

Now that the weather is changing and fall is in the air, it got me thinking about all of our seasonal businesses. We have a handful of businesses in Duluth and beyond that only open for the summer season and close shop for the wintertime.

Gordy's Hi-Hat is one of those businesses. The restaurant is a big hit, having been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives a handful of time over the years. They officially closed for the 2021 season on Sunday, September 12th.

This time around, it was bittersweet, as the namesake of the spot passed away earlier this year. Gordy Lundquist was ninety-three years old. He has left an amazing legacy behind in the Northland, being remembered as a great boss and amazing family man.

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A & Dubs is another Northland favorite that is only open seasonally. They opened for the season in early May and thankfully, haven't announced that they are closing anytime soon.

That leaves us with the Portland Malt Shoppe, which is a huge destination for locals and tourists during the summertime. Their delicious malts and other treats are only available for a few months and sadly, it looks like that time is coming to a close in the near future.

According to the Portland Malt Shoppe's website, the spot will be open until mid-October. Their official closing date will be Sunday, October 17th.

Thankfully, the Portland Malt Shoppe is open later than our other seasonal businesses but we will still be sad to see them go! The spot has been open since April of this year. I noticed it was open when I drove by and saw a long line.

You can use this as an excuse to go get a malt or ice cream as often as possible from now until they close next month. You're welcome! The Portland Malt Shoppe is located right on Lake Superior at 716 E Superior Street in Duluth.

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