I've noticed this quite a few times. I'm standing in line at Kwik Trip, waiting for my turn to check out when I hear a cell phone alarm going off behind the counter. I notice it because it's the same alarm I use to get up every morning for work. It's a sound that nobody really finds joy in hearing. Anyway, it got me wondering why is that alarm clock going off sometimes when I'm in the store? What is the point?

Yesterday on one of the 2 trips I made to the Kwik Trip a few blocks from my house, I heard it again. This time it went off when I was at the counter and I instinctively checked my phone. The Kwik Trip employee said, no that's not you, that's me. So this was the perfect opportunity to ask him what the deal with the alarm is.

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He told me they have it set for every 30 minutes so they can check the restrooms for cleanliness and clean them if they need to be. Wow! Every 30 minutes? I've seen some nightmarish gas station bathrooms that look like they haven't been cleaned in 30 years.

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If you've ever looked on the back of a restroom door at Kwik Trip, it actually gives you a phone number to call the CEO Don Zietlow if you're unhappy with the bathroom conditions. The standards set by the company have not gone unnoticed as their bathrooms have been among the highest-rated.

Kwik Trip expect a lot from their workers, but their workers enjoy the company. They've been voted many times as one of the best employers.

So if you find yourself on the road and need a pit stop, you probably won't find anywhere with a cleaner bathroom than a Kwik Trip. That's good knowledge to take with you!

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