Staffing shortages are becoming a real issue in schools and after-school programs across the country. In fact, 75% of all after-school programs surveyed say they are facing a staffing shortage this year. This is starting to affect area families as well. Many parents rely on the Duluth's YMCA's Keyzone after-school program. Like many places, they are facing a staffing shortage.

According to Elena Foshay, Director of Workforce Development at the City of Duluth, hundreds of families are entering the school year without child care.

The city is working with the YMCA to help recruit Keyzone after-school program staff. They've increased wages to $15/hr for Youth Specialist positions, and $16/hr for lead positions.

I spoke with Jeremy Katchuba with the YMCA, and he offered clarification on where the staffing issues are. Each year they typically go into the school year a little short-handed because they rely on UMD students coming back to campus to fill those positions in the fall.

They have interviewed roughly 30 applicants in recent weeks, but still do need more people to apply to fill the needs of families that use Keyzone. As more positions are filled, they can then serve more families.

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The hours are from 2:15 pm-6:00 pm, and shifts vary based on needs and staff availability. The YMCA also provides a flexible schedule. You can work full-time, part-time, or even just one day a week. They also offer benefits and paid time off. One of the biggest perks is that Keyzone staff gets a free Y membership.


The Keyzone positions begin on August 30. You can scan the QR code to apply for follow the link to the application. Applicants must be a minimum of 15 years old.

This could be a great program for college kids, high school students, or anyone who wants to supplement their income and get a free Y membership as well. Spread the word and consider applying!

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