Trips along Highway 61 near Gooseberry Falls are going to be slowed down by lane closures as part of a road construction project that begins May 21. The roughly $2 million project spans an area just south of the Lafayette Bluff Tunnel, through Castle Danger and Goosebery Falls State Park, to 3.2 miles north of the intersection of Highways 61 and 1 (see the map below).

The project is expected to last through late June, which includes the high-traffic Memorial Day weekend. Crews will be working to resurface this stretch of road, as well as replace a culvert. The first area crews will work on is near Beaver Bay, with the rest of the route noted on the map below seeing work at some porint through the duration of the project.

Drivers are being cautioned of stops and delays while this construction project is being completed. Single lane closures in both directions will take place at times, and flaggers will be used to control traffic. While it is important to be aware of these lane closures during the entire course of this project, drivers should make extra efforts to be prepared for longer wait times during weekends, when there is a larger volume of traffic.


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