Are you ready for election day?  For some, it's an easy process.  But if you've moved, if you're a first time voter, or you won't be near your polling station on Election Day, you may have questions about how to vote, where to vote, or who you're able to vote for.  Here are a few helpful links for both Minnesota and Wisconsin residents to help answer those questions.

Wisconsin residents:

To see your polling place, (where you need to vote,) go HERE and enter your address.  You will also see a sample voting ballot like this:


You can also check online to see if you're registered to vote HERE.

To find general voting information on voting by absentee ballot, a first-time voter and want to register, a voter with a disability, a college student, a convicted felon or in jail, an experienced voter, a military voter, a U.S. citizen living oversea, an older Wisconsin voter, a homeless person, recently moved, recently changed your name, or own property in more than one place click HERE.

Wisconsin residents can get more details on absentee voting HERE.

Minnesota residents:

Click HERE to find your polling station.

For any voting questions, verifying or updating your voting registration, click HERE.

The most important thing to remember is to VOTE on Tuesday, November 6th!