Sigh. It may be October but winter is officially here. We must have made Mother Nature a bit angry at some point!

All jokes aside, we saw our second accumulating snowfall of the season on Tuesday, October 20th, with moderate snow totals around the Northland. If you're curious just how much we saw across the area, wonder no more! The National Weather Service of Duluth shared snow totals on their Facebook page Wednesday (October 21st).

Wow! We saw up to seven inches of snow across parts of Northern Minnesota. According to their report, parts of Duluth saw about six inches of snow.

It may not seem like much but it was enough to make travel conditions dangerous across the state. In fact, it was so slick and dangerous that the Minnesota State Patrol reports that there were hundreds of spinouts and crashes across state roads on Tuesday. Sigh.

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As mentioned, this wasn't even our first accumulating snowfall either! We saw moderate snowfall the previous Saturday. Don't fret though if this is causing you a little bit of panic about the winter ahead. According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, an "early" winter season, like that we are experiencing right now, does not have any correlation to how bad the rest of the winter will be. That is a sigh of relief!

I guess the Old Farmer's Almanac was wrong when they said we would not see our first snowfall until early November. This is one time we really wish they were right!

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