Traditionally on New Years Eve, you're supposed to go out, celebrate and kick the new year in with style. But now you're parents and you're not sure what to do. Let me help.

Sure, you could always find a babysitter and still go out and have fun. However you'll still be thinking about them all night, so let's think of some ways you can include the little munchkins without staying up til midnight to watch the ball drop.


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    Catawba Juice

    Who needs champagne when you have something kind of similar with no alcohol in it? My wife I pour our a kids a little cup of catawba juice before bed on New Years and they absolutely love it!

  • belchonock


    Did you miss the end of the year fireworks at Bentleyville? No worries, I got you. Pick up a pack of Sparklers and have the kids go crazy with them outside. You may want to supervise them though.

  • Francesco Salvaggio

    Photo Booth

    We live in a wonderful digital age where almost everyone has a camera on their phone. See what you have around the house and do a fun photo shoot. Better yet, make a fun family calendar to send to your favorite aunt Carol and other family members.

  • Photodisc

    Dance Party

    Clear out the living room and have a dance party with all the best hits of 2016! This is definitely something the younger kids will love and it might create a nice family tradition.

  • Dean Mitchell

    Movie Time

    How about a nice little quiet time with cuddles. Pick out you or kid's favorite movie of the year, make some popcorn and watch it before bedtime.