And it was great!  I loved it.  One of the ongoing jokes about Vin Diesel, is the less he talks the better his movie does.  Vin Diesel was the voice of Groot and in total only 4 words were said by his character throughout the movie.  They were said many different ways but maybe the Vin Diesel curse is true because I thought it was a great movie.


Bradley Cooper voiced Rocket the raccoon.  I think I can make a bold statement here that any other person voicing Rocket would have been bad.  I was skeptical at first because it's Bradley Cooper.  But, I was won over.


The friend that joined me was a huge Chris Pratt fan and she was more than happy with a gratuitous shirtless scene of his.  Fans of him that have seen him on Parks and Recreation will be happy to see him in this part.  Not only does he play a badass type scavenger type person, but he also has some of that dead-pan humor you can see within Parks and Recreation.


One of my disappointments though was Karen Gillian as Nebula.  I am a big Karen Gillian fan myself from her days as Amelia Pond on Doctor Who.  However, I wasn't impressed.  I was almost disappointed with her acting and her character.  My friend pointed out that I may just be 'butthurt' because she shaved off her beautiful red hair for the part.  Which is altogether a good possibility.  Red heads do hold a special place in my heart.


If you're wondering if it is a movie worth watching in the theaters.  I would have to say yes.  Definitely yes.

If you're still not won over, check out the Trailer.

It's also worth noting that not only was 'Guardians of the Galaxy' expected to make $60 Million opening weekend, but it surpassed it by a third.

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