Halloween is on of my favorite holidays and I love movies. In celebration of Halloween week, why not put both together and bring you my top three favorite Halloween movies! In the number three slot, Trick 'R' Treat.

Trick 'R' Treat came out in 2009 and plays along the lines similar to the movie Creep Show. It's four different stories that tie together and are all about the best time of year, Halloween.

The movie's mascot is named Sam, short for Samhain. Samhain is a Gaelic festival, celebrating the end of the harvest season and beginning of the darker half of the year (winter). Halloween actually originated from Samhain with possible pagan roots.

Sam is depicted as a child who wears a burlap sack for a mask and goes to a different town every year to enforce the rules of Halloween and punishes those who break them.The rules are simple: Always wear a costume. Always check your candy, Never blow out your pumpkin/jack o' lantern. And always give out candy.

This movie depicts everything about Halloween. If you're looking for a Halloween themed movie to watch, look no further. Overall, I give it three and half beards out of four.

Check it out the trailer below and let me know what you think! Have fun this Halloween, and remember to follow the rules or you'll get a visit from Sam!

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