The other day a few co-worker and myself went to West End to check out the newest Southern-style smokehouse and barbecue restaurant in town, OMC Smokehouse.

The entrance is on the side of the building and the interior is pretty light and inviting. Of course being a new restaurant in town, it was packed and not a lot of sitting room when waiting for a table to open up. The restaurant is long, but there are a lot of tables so it seems just a little crowded.

The service was great. Our waiter was nice, friendly and we were severed some homemade cornbread right away. The wait for food didn't seem to bad even with a full house of people in the place.

I ended up getting the Haystack Brisket. The sandwich was nice in size and I paid a little extra to try their Duck-Fat Fries. They have a dedicated fryer for Duck-Fat and nothing else goes in there except for the fries according to the waiter. I'm not a fry guy, but I thought the fries were out of this world. The brisket was Central Texas style chopped grass-fed brisket topped with coleslaw, and haystack onions.

Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth
Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth

The sandwich was pretty good, I topped it off with classic honey BBQ. Those fries though, they came with malt vinegar aioli and it was the perfect match. I ordered a water to drink and my order total was roughly $17. A little on the expensive side for lunch, but everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in awhile.

Cooper got the Bama Brisket Wrap, and Josh got the Brisket & Cheddar sandwich. They both enjoyed their meals too.

I'll definitely be back again as I thought it was a great experience overall. Plus, it's nice to have another BBQ option in Duluth. Have you tried OMC yet? Let me know what you think of them in the comments below.