In case you missed "Idiots in the News" this morning, or if you've had a bad day at work and need a good laugh, here are a few highlights from today's segment on the morning show.

1.  Two buddies in New York City thought it'd be fun to see if they could hail a cab to take them to Los Angeles... they did.

The men found a cabbie at La Guardia Airport that said he'd do it for $5,000. The guys dished out the cash and the cabbie took them to his house so he could grab clothes and they were off.

The friends hope to have the trip done in 8 days, but don't know if they plan to drive back or fly back after they get to LA.

The cab driver said he's not taking the trip for the cash. He's going for the experience and to see the country.

At the current cab rate in New York City it would cost $17,000 to make a trip from New York to LA.

2.  A shoplifter in Florida avoided getting arrested...for a little while.

But he left behind the merchandise he tried to steal, his driver's license, car keys, and a cell phone.

The manager at the Dollar General store struggled with the man for a while, but the man got out of his shirt and got away.

The man was found an hour later.

3.  A guy in Mary Esther, FL got busted for showing up at a strip club he'd been banned from.

In his defense, he couldn't remember which nudie bar had banned him.

The manager recognized him as soon as he walked in and called the cops.

He told them he knew he had a trespass warning, but thought it was for a strip club down the street.

He was cuffed and taken to jail for trespassing.

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