Thankfully we do not hear of this type of thing often in this area but it does happen and parents and caregivers need to stay vigilant to protect our kids. Earlier this week an attempted child abduction happened in Duluth in which a suspect apparently jumped out from behind a snowbank approaching a young boy and asked him if he would like to see his puppy. Thankfully this child knew about stranger danger and ran off even though the suspect followed him in his car for a short distance. This is my old neighborhood and I am just disgusted. It goes to show you that these types of people are everywhere in all types of neighborhoods, towns, cities and even out in the country.

The Duluth Police Department has released some tips to help keep kids safe. Community Officer Jim Forsyth spoke with CBS3 about what parents can do to help keep our kids safe.

  1. Kids should know there routes and be aware of their surroundings.
  2. Make sure they know their neighbors and who they can trust to run too if necessary.
  3. Kids should always trust their gut instincts if something does not feel right.
  4. Whatever is going on STOP and run or walk away immediately
  5. If someone reaches out to you and you don't know them you do not have to talk to them just because they are an adult. Go in the opposite direction.
  6. Police remind parents of GPS tracking devices that are available to go in your child's backpack or pocket.
  7. Make sure to have the most up to date photo possible of your child which can be a big help for the police in case an amber alert is needed.
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