In the music video for her single, 'Girls Chase Boys,' Ingrid Michaelson has taken Robert Palmer's 'Simply Irresistible' video and turned it on its head. Where the original '80s vid features scores of gorgeous female dancers behind Palmer, Michaelson's version features shirtless muscular male dancers, all beautifully made up in lipstick and eye makeup. 

The adorably quirky singer, who just dropped her sixth studio album, 'Lights Out,' made a conscious decision to completely reverse the genders in her parody of the vid.

"'Girls Chase Boys' is a universal breakup song," Michaelson told Carson Daly about the video. "No matter who you love, how you love, we all want love, and so I took that theme of gender bending and I did a role reversal — a gender reversal — with that Robert Palmer video."

Watch Ingrid Michaelson's music video for 'Girls Chase Boys' above, and check out Robert Palmer's original 'SImply Irrestible' video below.

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