Northbound lanes of Interstate 35 in Sturgeon Lake were closed for a time due to a large pileup. Officials announced the lanes had been reopened shortly after 1 pm Tuesday. Roadways around the region are extremely slick and visibility is reduced due to snowfall.

This incident is the largest of a number around the region related to snowfall. Snow is expected to continue through the afternoon hours, making Tuesday's afternoon commute very messy. This snowfall has actually prompted a Winter Weather Advisory that is in effect for much of the area until 6 pm this evening (see map below). Snowfall totals are expected to be in the 3-5 inch range, but this snow will make roads dangerous, as has been shown with this accident on I-35.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Transportation both have all area roads marked as "snow covered" and encourage extra caution.

Law enforcement remind the public to slow down, increase follow distance, and turn your headlights on during this and all snow events.

Duluth NWS
Duluth NWS

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