It's fourteen days into a new year and a lot of people made resolutions.  Maybe to drink less, workout more, be a better person, or whatever they think they should be working on.  I didn't make any resolutions, but because I've always struggled with weight, decided to join a CrossFit Bootcamp.  I'm just tired of being tired and while I can lift heavy things, I don't have a lot of cardio or endurance stamina.

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I know many people who have gone to or currently do go to CrossFit classes, but I really didn't know much about them.  I got signed up for a 6-week stint, with three classes a week, each an hour long, costing $229.  I opted to do this with IST CrossFit in Duluth because my brother works out there and spoke highly of the staff and programs.

I had a chat with one of the instructors to make sure it would be a good place to start working out again and felt good about what they had to say.  As much as it's a workout class, they also pepper in nutrition tips, a little healthy homework, and some healthy lifestyle coaching.

My first class was fast paced, yet also really informative.  They go over the exercises briefly before each one, not only showing how to properly do them, but also have a few practice runs with correction if needed.  We did strength and cardio exercises in intervals, so it's intense short bursts and then lighter activity in between.  I did get tired during it, I did get sore after, but honestly the class goes so fast, it's not that much of a bear to get through.  Trust me when I say I'm not in shape at all, and if I can do it, almost anyone can.

What I enjoyed most from my first CrossFit Bootcamp class was the non-judging and friendly coaching approach.  Also, the fact that I got done, felt like I worked hard, yet could still function the next day.  I've been to first day fitness classes before that left me barely able to sit down for three days following, this was not like that.

If you've never tried CrossFit and are looking into getting back to working out or do workout but want to change it up, give it a try.  For the price and what you get out of the time you're there, it seems like a really good deal to me, and I honestly can't wait until the next class.


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