I was browsing the internet on Tuesday when I came across a page of GoFundMe postings for the Duluth and Superior area. I scrolled through the page when something caught my eye - a simple but hilarious ad that definitely made me laugh.

While sifting through different ads raising money for different charitable causes, I came across one that had a picture of a treadmill and nothing else. I clicked the ad and what followed was simple.

The posting is titled "Treadmill For Cole From Duluth" and the description is simple as follows:

He needs some quality exorcise

Ha!! Okay - I have a lot of questions about this. By the way, this posting wasn't listed by anyone named Cole. The organizer's name is Max.

First of all, who is Cole and why does Max think he needs exercise? Second, what kind of treadmill costs five grand?

Sadly, Max has not raised a single dime so it looks like Cole is going to have to get that exercise somewhere else.

By the way - there are a lot of great causes you can donate to in the Duluth and Superior area. I think I will pass on the treadmill!

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