Hi, I hate grocery shopping, anyone else out there hate it too? It is one of those tasks that I just dread. When our kids were younger it was even worse because we needed so much food, it was always so expensive and I hated the whole experience even more.

Fast forward to about a year ago with the pandemic, a grocery store was honestly the last place I wanted to go to but understood I needed groceries, so I looked into Instacart. Back then I think that they offered one grocery store in the area and maybe 1 or 2 other businesses, now they offer a ton of options from Sam's Club to Spirit Halloween Shop.

I have only used it for grocery shopping so far, but who knows it could come in real handy for some other things. So how this works is super simple, download the app. pick your store, and boom go from there. For myself, it helps for me to actually write down a list of everything I need because If I go on the app all willy nilly I will end up getting stuff like ice cream, fruit, candy and that's it.

Instacart does keep track of former purchases so that helps and of course, they have a search menu so you can find specific items. I know a few people who have said "well I have to pick out my own fruit and vegetables" which I totally understand. I have been incredibly lucky that all my shoppers have done a fantastic job picking out fresh fruit and vegetables. Place your order and pick a time to have it dropped off, which usually can be within 2 hours.

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The key with Instacart is to keep your phone near you with the volume up as a courtesy to your shopper. Sometimes stores will be out of the product you pick and they will text you an alternative product for you to accept or decline. As a general rule to I only use Instacart when I need quite a big shopping done otherwise, I feel like I am wasting their time. So again how is this worth the extra money which is a general delivery charge and tip?

The delivery charge for me has been very minimal, $6.00 or $7:00 and then I tip 20%. So how is this saving money? For me, I am a notorious last-minute buyer. If it catches my eye I will buy it, even if I had no desire to get it before I hit the store. Thankfully it is never anything that I would not eat or use but it is usually a non-essential item. So that is how I save money by not shopping myself and it all comes out to be pretty even that way. For more information about Instacart and the App Click Here.

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