I have friends that are both die hard Vikings Fans and die Hard Packers fans, and so when I tell them I like both teams I usually get a look like they just ate a lemon. But I honestly do, impossible you say well let me explain.

Growing up in MIlwaukee my dad was huge sports fan, mainly his love of The Packers. I can remember stealing my brothers very worn out Packers helmet to play catch with my friends, I had t-shirts, hats the whole nine. I grew up loving the green and gold.

Then I went to college in Minnesota and then moved to the Twin Cities. I got wrapped up in Twins fever, and the Vikings. I slowly started to come around to like the Vikings too. Now many years later, having lived in Minnesota for so long I like the Vikings equally as well.

For all those of you who say I have to pick sides I say no way, the only time it is a conflict is when they play each other. So I say yes you can be both, just be ready to get some serious grief from either side, and remember at the end of the day it's just a game.