I was fortunate enough to join Duluth Paranormal when they were granted permission to go into Nopeming and do an investigation to look for spirits.

The group was allowed full access to the building and took advantage of it. Some of the group slept in the building. I was one of the people that slept there, and had an experience during the night of being kicked while there was no one there.

I slept next to the nurse's station on the 3rd floor, which is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the building. It was also where the family room is, where families would come and sometimes have a potluck and eat together when they visited their loved ones. I felt a special connection to that room, so I decided to spend the night there for my stay at Nopeming. I didn't think I would ever have that opportunity again because of the uncertainty of the ownership at the time and the poor shape of the building.

Here is footage from the basement from a camera that was down there by itself. From the hours of footage captured, this is what we caught there.

Some members of the group went to a paranormal convention and learned how to use the Ouija Board correctly, so they wanted to try it. A few minutes in, Chris catches something on the screen no one else can see, some time after that there was a figure that appears to be doing the board with them. The camera being used is a Kinect camera from an Xbox 360. First of all, don't fool around with a board if you have one and don't go buying one if you don't know what you are doing.

Duluth Paranormal was the last group allowed to be in the tunnel due to structural concerns. Their visit was back in 2017. The tunnel was rumored to have bodies taken through it from the morgue. That claim was made by Ghost Adventures, which is totally untrue. Sometimes bodies went through the tunnel so the patients didn't see it leave.  Here is Duluth Paranormal with all the footage they took from in the tunnel.

Here's an interview about the tunnel, also debunking Ghost Adventures claims from when they visited Nopeming. They made a lot of claims that Duluth Paranormal had been able to debunk. Here is one of them.

The Ouija Board was used in the surgical room. Here is a long investigation video of the room with a camera. As you can see they get some readings, and looks like they are holding a conversation. The surgical room was one of the most haunted rooms.

This was a video that was sent to me to look at. They said you can see a ghost shape walk past the camera. You have to pay attention to see it. You might have to play it a couple of times in order to catch it.

I couldn't embed the audio that was collected, so here is the link to go listen to the audio on the Duluth Paranormal website. You need to scroll down the page a little to get to the audio.

Here's a video from YouTube user "whatshallwedonext". He has information that might convince you of the presence of spirits. I don't normally like watching videos with a lot of talking, but this guy knows his stuff.

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Ghost Hunts USA went through the building and posted this online. I included this so you could see the building, there is a lot of footage that shows how run down the building is.

Brittany Merlot, who used to work in TV in Duluth, filed this report with her Nopeming Northland Uncovered. I believe this is Twin Ports Paranormal. There are lots of readings in this video and has some information about what happened in the building in the past.

Here is more footage of the Boiler Room by Duluth Paranormal. The Boiler Room is spooky and had a lot of personal experiences and some evidence.

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