Coming into work the other day, I noticed a new billboard placed coming off the Blatnik Bridge into Duluth. The billboard itself isn't newsworthy, but the person on the billboard looked like everyone's favorite radio DJ from 2-6 pm on MIX 108.

Working in Duluth but living in Superior provides ample drive time to and from work every day. I can get caught up on my favorite podcast radio station, MIX 108, and it gives me a nice little buffer before coming into the thunder dome that is our radio station.

Driving the same route 5 times a week minimum, you learn to notice when things change. So obviously when a new billboard popped up, I wanted to take a look. Here's what I saw (I had a friend come with me later and take this while I drove):


While I'm sure Essentia Health will be ecstatic I'm throwing them some free pub, I'm far more enthralled with the person they used on the billboard. Right there on the billboard it says that the person is Dr. Paul Tonkin, but I would have to disagree. That looks to me to be none other than MIX 108 legend Tony Hart.

tony look alike

Has Tony been moonlighting as a doctor? Does he crush his show from 2-6 pm and then provide the best surgical care this side of the Mississippi? I bet this is why he never replies to my texts when I ask if he wants to go to the movies...

I'll let you all make your own conclusions, but I did my own special investigation and the results are pretty conclusive that Tony could be a doctor. You can see the evidence below:

tony with doc cap

Case. Closed.

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