I'm pretty good at procrastinating, especially when it comes to around the home projects.  One I needed to get after and had bought the supplies for was restoring the top of our Flat Iron Char-Griller Flatop.

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We oddly enough didn't use it last year at all, and while I kept it covered, moisture still found its way to the steel griddle and created some nasty rust spots.

Part of the procedure for restoring it involves re-seasoning the griddle top which you need heat to do.  Heat for the unit is generated by propane which we were out of, so I hopped into the truck and headed to my nearest gas station in Superior.  They had the propane cage outside but informed me they are no longer carrying it, so I was out of luck there.

I then popped across the street to a Dollar General, but they were out of propane and weren't sure when they would be restocked.  My next stop was a Holiday Gas Station who also did not receive their new supply.

As I ventured to Menards, I noticed a sign advertising propane refills at the Superior U-Haul.  I'm usually decently observant and was even there a couple of months ago and hadn't noticed a filling station.

I pulled up, rang the bell, and within a minute or so, someone came out to let me know I couldn't refill my tank there because of it being over 12 years old.  While it was bummersville as it was my 4th stop on my propane adventures, it was good to know of another resource near my home for more current tanks.

I ended up getting a new tank at Menards and happily went on to consuming homemade seasoned fajitas on the flat-top griddle by that afternoon.

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