Many workplaces have a policy about not wearing open-toe shoes, like flip-flops for example.

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Obviously, on a construction site things like sandals and flip-flops won't fly, but what about office settings that do allow them?  Does it gross you out working around people with their lower digits hanging out all day?

I bring it up because while I'm sure we have a policy at the radio station, I stopped in to quickly record a commercial the other day on a day off and was wearing my flip-flops.  It was warm out and I wanted to be comfortable.  One of our staffers commented on wearing them in a negative light and I said something like "I'm not even supposed to be here today".

Now, when I wear flip-flops in to work, they are clean, and so are my feet.  Obviously if there was some odor I could understand, but I also get some people just don't like looking at feet.

My question to you is, if it's allowed, do you care if a co-worker is wearing open-toe shoes, sandals, or flip-flops and you have to work near them?  I'll add another question and that is what about people slipping out of their shoes and wearing socks around the office?  Something I don't do but have seen before.

I'm all for if it's not a safety concern and there isn't any odor, let it fly, what are your thoughts?

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