As with anything online it's important to take caution with the information we give out.

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As much as adults can get scammed or be taken advantage of, it of course can happen to kids as well.  We live in a tech filled world nowadays and it's only going to continue to be a part of our lives.

One of the major topics as of late is entities like Google and Bing using Artificial Intelligence or AI for your searching the internet method.  AI certainly will have it's place to some degree going forward, but it's another tool that might grab information about you.

One app in particular that is now utilizing some AI features is Snapchat.  While aspects of the AI portion are optional, it's another thing to warn your kids about if you let them use it.

One Sherriff's Department in Iowa is already putting a word of caution out to users, check out what they had to say on Facebook:

Having a chat with an AI Bot can lead down a rabbit hole of you giving out information and it might be collecting personal information most people wouldn't want to give out.  Even if the app or device seems legit, we need to remember in the technological age we are living in, hackers might be able to get in and get your sensitive information.

Just another reminder to monitor your kiddos and maybe even consider not having them on certain apps or devices until they are old enough to make good choices.

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