With our early blast of snow in mid-March many around the Duluth and Superior areas are struggling.

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Where to put the snow is an issue for many residents especially on the Duluth side of the pond.  Of course, the other hot topic with getting blasted on a Sunday with parking on the streets changing sides is where some people are going to be able to park overnight.

Vehicles lacking four or all-wheel drive struggle a lot more of course, and even with that option, shoveling out a parking spot with plow piles can be tough.  I noticed in particular a lot of college students wondering what to do with parking and especially not being sure of when plows will come by again.

I live in Superior, and our Mayor, Jim Paine, is very active on social media with letting residents know what is going on.  Here is a Sunday, March 12th post from him, keeping everyone informed of the plan for snow removal efforts for the next couple of days:

It's good to note the part about helping out neighbors if possible.  It can be hard work but not everyone has a snowblower or can afford to have someone come and plow.  We're hopefully at the tail end of winter in the Twin Ports and with everyone working together and being patient with the plowing process, we'll get through it.  Hopefully it's one of the final big snow events of this season.

The City of Superior also has a handy new Citizen Request Tracker App, where you can request help and get updates on snow removal progress.

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