When it comes to Valentine's Day, many of us get stuck in the same old ways of gift giving.

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It might be candy, jewelry, a nice night out to a local restaurant, or a card with some kind of gift certificate in it.  Of course, everyone says "it's not about the money", but it kind of is and nothing is cheap right now.  There is something available in the Twin Ports that is not only an affordable gift option, but also really awesome too.  One of those, "they will never forget this" gifts.

For only $45 bucks, you can have a Barbershop Quartet show up at someone's office, home, classroom, restaurant they are at, or anywhere in the Twin Ports area.

The crew that will show up are members of the Duluth-Superior Harbormasters Chorus and they will sing love songs and present a rose and a card to your Valentine's Day love interest.  They are available from 9AM-7PM on February 13th and 14th and are only accepting calls until Monday the 13th at 5PM.

It's going to be pretty tough to beat giving a gift like this to someone you love, and the only downside would be trying to top it for the next year.  Having the Harbormasters come out to sing and help you celebrate Valentine's Day is also a great way of shopping local and keeping business here in the Twin Ports.  Give Don a call at 715-919-1049 or 715-932-1357 to get on their schedule for Valentine's Day.

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