So this is how the story starts.  Girl has crush on TV/movie actor Jason Segel.  And chances are, if you've seen "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (well, the part that I'm thinking of) then you may have a crush on him too.  (Let's just say there's a "Dirk Diggler" moment in the movie.)

Girl writes a witty song about her love for Jason, asking him to have a drink with her before the end of the year.  She performs the song with her guitar, and posts it to Youtube.

Jason sees the video, and GUESS WHAT?  Yup.  He takes her on a date.  To be fair, she took her twin sister along as well.  Not very romantic if you ask me, but he did it!

Jason was so impressed with her tune, (on Twitter, he posted the video along with a "My favorite thing, maybe ever." How sweet is that?!?!) he met Chelsea Gill and her twin sister for drinks at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and then he invited the twin sisters to accompany him to the Chicago Film Critics Association awards where he accepted the Commedia Extraordinaire Award.

In posts on Twitter with the picture above he writes, "Chelsea Gill (who wrote the great song) and her twin sister and I at the Comedy awards. I'm not sure which is which."

Awww...what a nice guy!

Here's Chelsea Gill's "Jason Segel Song."


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