Thousands of people have been glued to Facebook watching the Live Stream of April the giraffe waiting to give birth in a zoo in New York. Since she has not had her baby yet one of my co-workers wanted to see for himself what all of the hype is about.

I had a pretty good idea that a giraffe birth would be very dramatic to say the least. Ken and Cathy from our sister station were glued to the computer watching a giraffe giving birth in the wild and it was not a pretty sight. I had to force myself to check it out as well since I too have been glued to Facebook to see April become a new giraffe mom.

Check out the video to see our reactions to this big production. And for the record I was right about how they give birth, by standing up and the baby comes out 2 legs first, but it is a big drop to the ground. Poor thing looked a little shook, but got up on his or her shaky little legs and was just fine.

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