Growing up the youngest of 5 and all my siblings a lot older than me, I definitely had my share of getting picked on, but one thing I remember vividly is this stupid bank that my brother had from the T.V. show "The Adams Family" and it was terrifying.

On the show "The Adams Family" one of the characters names is "Thing" and he basically is a hand in a box . The bank my brother had was a black plastic box where you put a coin in the slot, the top would open and this creepy hand would grab the coin and pull it back into the box super fast. If you are interested in buying one, used of course click here!

My heart is racing just thinking about it. My sisters had some creepy dolls too that I was not to fond of, but that bank was the worst. Any toys you had as a kid that you just hated or were scared of ? Let me know in the comments section below.