A few months ago I was approached here at the station about being part of a weight loss program offered to some of the on-air staff, and I thought to myself, "Yeah Let's do It!" I had no idea back then how much I would learn about myself.

I was always someone who was in really good shape as a kid and in high school. I was super active in sports and even stayed in shape for the most part in college. Things started going downhill once I was in the real world with a job the fact that I drove everywhere. Like some people, I gradually would put on a few pounds every year, but nothing really dramatic. As time goes on, you really realize how much you let yourself go.

It came to a point with me where I was used to being big and it did not really bother me necessarily, until now. I have bouts of no energy, my knees are both shot, and sometimes I find it hard to find clothes that I really like, so this was my chance to kickstart everything.

I did this program for 30 days, and at first I thought there was no way I will make it through. The diet to me seemed very restrictive, which looking back now it wasn't really, just eating sensibly; which many people do every day. I followed the plan and lost 35 lbs. In just 30 days and over 40 inches over my entire body. A someone that never really used to drink water, I also realized that drinking water is actually refreshing and I got used to drinking a lot of it.

I am happy to report that I have maintained my weight loss and am more conscious of what I eat and drink. For myself I became blind to not only what I was eating, but how much. By taking accountability and putting some thought into what you eat it can make a big difference. I have had a few treats here and there, but I know I need to maintain a balance. I will keep up the fight and am anxious to be part of the program again to lose even more weight.

If you would like more information on how I did it click slimme1.com 

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