It's Grandma's Marathon week, and the Twin Ports are abuzz with people preparing to participate in all of the festivities surrounding the challenging run from the Two Harbors area to Canal Park. To mark the occasion, Jeanne Ryan from the MIX 108 Morning Show decided to go for a marathon run of her own.

Ever since being standardized in 1924, the length of a traditional marathon is 26.22 miles. Running a distance like that takes a truly hearty individual. Even those who run half marathons have plenty to brag about, putting over 13 miles behind them on foot. Jeanne wanted to be a part of this year's festivities, but wasn't prepared to commit to the extremes of the half or full marathon. In lieu, I set up the first ever MIX 108 Marathon, a 1/9,229 race located indoors at the MIX 108 offices. How long is a 1/9,229 race you ask? It's roughly 15 feet.

Check out the intense race footage below!

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