Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/Townsquaremedia


Despite the recent snowfall, it is officially grilling season in the Northland and it definitely kicked off this week at our house, prompted by the assembly of our new grill.

For those of us who have a very short grilling season, once you don't need a winter jacket to be outside it is on like Donkey Kong. I readily admit I am a horrible cook, but I do love to grill. One thing that I used to love to eat when I lived in Minneapolis was Juicy Lucy burger's at a place called Matt's in Minneapolis. Their burgers are world famous, and no matter how hard I have tried I could never duplicate this delicious burger.

Ever since I introduced the kids to them they want them all the time, but they don't turn out that great since all the cheese melts as they pop open on the grill. So, when we saw this at a store in Duluth we thought we should try it. It was only around $12 so not to much of an investment.

This definitely helped form nice big firm patties after a little trial and error, and it helped hold the cheese pretty well. 2 of 6 burgers leaked a tiny bit, but nothing to the degree before. We actually had cheese inside the burger, plus some them had cheese and jalapenos and they stayed together. I give the "STUFZ" a thumbs up, and by the end of summer I guarantee I will have this down pat. ;)




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