I am a proud alumni of Winona State University in Winona Minnesota, and someone on the WSU newsletter staff decided to infuse a little humor into one of their latest posts. And it was a doozy.

Hats off to Andrea Northam who penned the post on the WSU Newsletter and Facebook about Nap rooms coming to campus. I have to admit at first glance I thought to myself what? No Fair...but then quickly came to my senses realizing it is April Fools Day. As I continued to read the article about the king size beds, down comforters and even Pillow Pets it got even funnier .

The best is the students who were actually mad about it, complaining about tuition money going to nap rooms. Really? That is what your dorm room is for, or someones couch, jeez relax. I must say my college years is when I really came into my own as an adult napper, I was very good at it. Nothing like a mid afternoon nap to get you ready for a night of revelry.

So, hats off to WSU  for striking right at the chord of one of the many things college kids would want, but of course is not going to happen. Go Warriors!