Like many like minded tricksters, I was busy last night preparing a prank to pull on some unsuspecting co-workers this morning. But, the outcome was a little different then Cooper and I expected.

So, the premise of the prank was to fill some donuts with mayonnaise and put them in the company break room for all to share. Now let me back up for a second to explain how things go when we have food brought to the station, it is a virtual free for all, so we know that people would at least try them.

Here is where I hit a bit of a snag. Apparently when we have an impending storm in the Northland, the citizens of Duluth seem to think the main thing to stock up on is donuts. I found this out yesterday when I went to the grocery store only to find two trays of donuts left in an 8 foot counter. I rang the bell to get someones attention and the baker who greeted me informed me that they got cleaned out during the day due to the weather.

So, I had to settle for the regular donuts with the holes in them, not ideal for what I wanted to do, but I had to make the best of it. I gathered my items and headed home. I used a straw to poke holes in the bottom of the donuts and then proceeded to squeeze the mayonnaise into the holes.

The trap was set, we had a camera hidden in the break room to watch everyone's reaction. Here is where it went South in a hurry, the staff ate all 12 donuts and not one person realized they were tainted with mayonnaise. Ha, ha, it just goes to show that people that work at a radio station will eat anything. On a side note, when confronted about it everyone said it wasn't bad, but were grossed out at the thought. Note to self, more mayonnaise!