Bravo Mid-America Farms, bravo! I saw this come up on my Facebook feed today from Top The Tater, where they are introducing a new Lutefisk flavor Top The Tater. They almost got me, but I've been up very early this morning and have already been pranked many times by the time I saw this. Still, it's an idea that some people might strangely be excited about.

If you don't know what Lutefisk is, it's a potent fish that's in a salty brine that we still eat for some reason. It's a tradition, and places in the upper Midwest still have Lutefisk dinners to honor the Scandanavian history of many people in the area.


So that brings us to today, April 1. Top The Tater released this post on their own Facebook page. Reactions came in fast for the Midwest's (and beyond's) favorite dip.

Lots of people admitted that they were fooled. Strangely enough, others suggested people in their family that might actually enjoy this. Is this something that you would even try?

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Mid-America Farms nailed this April Fools joke. Nobody's feelings got hurt, he all got a laugh, and now we're all craving our favorite Top The Tater.

By the way, if you haven't tried it, their other flavors that ARE actually real are pretty good. My favorite for our "Taco Tuesdays" is dipping tater tots in the Taco Fiesta. It's a game-changer!

Mid-America Farms sent me samples of Top The Tater products after I wrote an article about the Ten Commandments of Top The Tater that went viral. They even got it right too, as they sent me a bag of ripple chips to enjoy them!

Another weirdly bizarre trend that people were doing with Top The Tater was eating it with Snickers Bars. So we naturally had to try that too.

The Ten Commandments Of Top The Tater

'Top The Tater' is a staple for us here in the Midwest. I have never met a person who hasn't loved Top The Tater. However, there are people who don't understand the importance of how to eat it, and how to properly respect the little green container of joy.

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