I am someone who is very easy to prank, not only on April Fools day, but pretty much any day of the week.  Check out these great pranks and the best part is nobody can get hurt, see them after the break.

  • Wait for a colleague to leave his desk, open the Bing or Google homepage and look for the language settings (to the right of the search bar for Google, on the “preferences” page for Bing). Change the display language to Ukrainian and watch as your friend’s search results come back in Cyrillic. Or select Google’s “Bork, bork, bork” setting and he’ll get semi-comprehensible gibberish that mimics the Swedish Chef on The Muppets.
  • Have a bro or sis who uses Microsoft Word a lot? Open the program and click on “Autocorrect” under the “Tools” tab. Change the settings so that funny words like “bric-a-brack” or “collywobbles” appear when he or she types a common word, like “the” or “and.” You can also make it so that every time your sibling types his or her name, “Captain Cool Beans” or an equally embarrassing moniker comes up.
  • Go into the contacts in your pal’s cell phone and change the name associated with your number to a TV character, celebrity or person from her past. Send her ridiculous texts from your phone — she’ll wonder how Mr. T became an entry and why he needs her to join the A-Team. If your friend knows your cell by heart, this may be a one-trick idea. If she doesn’t , you’re in for hours of fun.

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