It's all okay in Cloquet until scary clowns start taking over the city.  The movie 'IT' came out this weekend and someone wanted to celebrate by tying a red balloon to a sewer drain.

The red balloon was tied to a sewer on Washington Avenue. Luckily Officer Silgjord and Officer Kohlmeyer were on the scene and found no evidence of Pennywise. The CPD had some fun of their own on Facebook by saying "Cloquet PD keeping our streets safe from scary clowns since 1904".

While it's a clever prank, I would have crapped my pants seeing something like this. Just something about a person who hides behind makeup does not sit well with me. Maybe the message to this prank was "they all float in Cloquet". Alright, that was my bad cheesey joke fotrthe week. I haven't seen the new movie yet, but I heard great things! Have you seen it yet?

Stay safe out there and our local police are always there serve and protect!

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