First off I want to clarify that for the most part I am not a vain person, I am really pretty laid back and am more about comfort than style, but every 4 years when my drivers license is up for renewal I panic about my picture.

I know that this is an irrational thing to worry about I rarely get carded anymore and how often do you actually look at your picture on your license anyway? I guess it is just the fact that they hustle you through so fast and you will have this form of ID for 4 years, so you want to make sure you look halfway decent.

Plus for someone like me who has short hair and completely dyes it bleach blond around twice a year I can look like a totally different person. My dilemma as of today is 1.) I have a giant teenager zit on my cheek and 2.) My hair is currently my natural dark brown color. I am going to bleach it soon, but it is to short to color right now.

I have a couple weeks before my birthday, but I need to get this done before that, or my drivers license will have expired and then I will be in big trouble. I need to know does anyone else fret about getting a new picture for their drivers license or is it just me? Let me know in the comments below.


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