Yes I have to admit it, I am one of those people that is addicted to a game on my phone , and it is called "Cookie Jam." Candy Crush...bah see you later, I have been stuck on the same level for 6 months, I am now loyal to the Cookie!

I was shown this game a few weeks ago, and lately my playing time has increased dramatically. I think the main reason I am hooked is my Facebook feed has been pretty boring lately, and I actually have been on a roll passing levels at warp speed.

Plus what is nice with this game is that you get 5 lives to start and then it renews a life every 30 minutes, and of course you can ask friends for lives too. Yes, it is a mindless game that is a huge waste of time, but hey at least I don't pay any money for extra lives or credits, I vow I will never do that.

My family does gets irritated when I am face down at my phone all the time, and one of our sons thinks the game is super lame, but for now this is my little entertainment fix. The video below is an example of how the game works, it is super boring like watching paint dry, but gives you an idea how it's played. Plus the app is free ! :)