Yesterday I had to rush out of work and head down to the Twin Cities for a family emergency, we made it safely to Minneapolis, but our journey back was very event full to say the least.

We were heading back to Duluth and had just gone through North Branch when the nightmare scenario reared it's ugly head.  A digital screen popped up on the dash saying low tire pressure and was scanning down really fast, I have never seen this before on our 1 year old car. All of a sudden I felt that dreaded feeling of a flat tire.

Great let's go from 70 MPH to a dead stop on the side of the road with someone riding your behind of course. We made it on the shoulder and I parked as far over as I could without going in the ditch. It is amazing to me how many people whizzed past us at over 70 mph with no regard or concern to get in the left lane.

Either one of us could have changed the tire, but due to all the traffic safety was a big concern, so we called the roadside assistance that is available through the car company since this is a new car. Long story short 2 hours and still no truck to change the tire. We did get a hold of them finally and they had a wrong location, that is when a Minnesota State Trooper pulled up to help.

He parked a few car lengths behind us with full lights on to alert other drivers and to keep all of us safe. He was very kind and concerned and offered to help us change the tire and put the "donut spare" on. The tire got changed and we faced 113 miles back to Duluth on a small tire that recommends you do not go over 50mph.

Needless to say it was the longest 113 miles in my life as I am putt putting along on the right hand lane with the cruise set to 50 MPH as people are whizzing past us, flashing their lights, flipping us off etc. It was humbling and scary at the same time. I don't remember this troopers name, but I wanted to make a point that these men and women are out on the roads every day helping people like me who are stranded or in need of help and put their lives on the line everyday. This is something that needs to be heard especially with the current climate in our society towards all police.

Thank you again to this State Trooper, for helping us get back home safely to our family last night.