O.K. maybe the word addiction is a little strong, but I am very passionate about these little cotton wand wonders.

The source of my need for these curious little sticks lies with my ears. I know all Dr.'s say do not stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear, and given the fact I wear headphones for hours a day, my hearing is very important to do my job. But, I am very careful when I clean my ears so as to not burst my ear drum.

When I shower I need to clean my ears out with a Q-Tip ASAP. If I forget and go off to work I feel off kilter for the entire day. I can't stand having any water in my ears which I am sure goes back to the years I swam competitively. I was the one who would be shaking my head to the side with my towel as soon as I got out of the pool to try and get every last drop of water out.

I love the feeling of cleaning my ears with them but If I happen to catch some wax on them I am super grossed out. Now If I could just remember to throw the used ones away instead of setting them down in random places in our house, my family would be very relieved. I know that is super gross and I don't mean to do it on purpose I am just in my own little world after I am done and forget about them.  Does anybody else love cleaning out their ears with Q-Tips? Let me know in the comments below.


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