Well, the Minnesota State Fair is one of the best in the country so this shouldn't be too surprising. A major television star was spotted at the big event over the holiday weekend.

It has been an oddly weird time for celebrity sightings in Minnesota. Recently, movie star Gerard Butler was spotted in Rochester. He was there for awhile rather than a short visit and even attended a local fair there.

In August, another movie star was spotted in Minnesota. Josh Duhamel was snapped eating in Ottertail, Minnesota. It is not far from North Dakota, where he is from. It is not known why he was in town, at least for now.

Even in Duluth, we have had some celebrity sightings. Television star Katie Lowes filmed a movie in downtown Duluth and took advantage of her time here, doing some shopping in the area, including a stop at Duluth Candy Co.

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That's not the only sighting, either. Joel McKinnon Miller has also been spotted out and about. Over the summer, he was spotted in Duluth and even shared a photo on his personal Instagram account of a run-in with a fan here.

His time in the Northland didn't end there. Later, he went to the famous Gordy's Hi-Hat restaurant, which excitedly shared a photo of the star and an employee. It may seem random but he used to study theater at UMD and reportedly comes back and helps with the program.

He ventured a bit from the Northland over the holiday weekend and was spotted at the Minnesota State Fair! He even shared a few pictures of his adventures on Instagram, including one with a big group of young fans.

The fun didn't end there! He also shared a photo of he and some friends backstage at one of the shows. It looks like he went to see Jim Gaffigan, who is also in the photo. I wonder if he ate any of the new foods or the famous Sweet Martha Cookies?!

I think it's pretty cool to have a famous television actor hanging out in Minnesota and the Duluth area! A bunch of fans have run into him around town and he has happily posed for photos with them.

Miller is most famous for his work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Most recently, he was part of the HBO series The Staircase and has been in too many other things to mention! Maybe he will star in a movie right here in the Northland next.

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